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Azoris Royal Garden

KOI Restaurant

Azoris Royal Garden opened the doors of its new restaurant in Ponta Delgada, with a new name, a new image, and new dishes. The KOI Restaurant borns with an invigorating look and a closer positioning towards its customers.

Contemporary Kitchen

With regional, national and international flavors.


In the lake of our Zen Garden inhabit the same carps that can be found in the beautiful lagoons of our island.

Carps have always been fascinating by its beauty and ability to adapt to different environments. This fish is worshiped by several oriental cultures, symbolized by its characteristics of endurance, courage and longevity. The carps' beauty and their good luck, led the Japanese to create Koi (ornamental carp of various colors) by mutation of the common carp, to inhabit the lakes of their gardens.

The name and decoration of the KOI Restaurant is thus in line with the japonese inspiration of the Zen garden, which frames and delights those who enjoy a tasting experience, sustained by the symbolism of the KOI carp, which represents essential values for us, such as adaptability, beauty and perseverance.



The KOI Restaurant launches its weekly lunch menu at 16 €, ideal for those who do not have time to waste at lunchtime. Available every day from Monday to Friday, between 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Includes cold buffet, 1 hot plate, desserts buffet, 1 drink and coffee.

»» Free Parking for 2h at Lunch ««

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BREAKFAST - 7h a.m. to 10h a.m. | LUNCH - 12h30 a.m. to 3h p.m. | DINNER - 7h pm to 10h pm | (+351) 296 307 300

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